Global perspectives (Cambridge)

Le poesie degli studenti di Global Perspectives

I ragazzi dei nostri primi licei stanno frequentando la materia Cambridge ” Global perspectives” con la prof. Orsetta Lopane. Dai temi trattati e dai dibattiti ( in lingua inglese) sono venute fuori queste composizioni, semplici e belle, che i ragazzi hanno presentato e che la scuola vuole far conoscere. Altre ne verranno. Anche questo é il Cambridge, che sembra incutere timore ad alcuni ma che invece è una modalità molto positiva di espressione di tanti nostri alunni.

Sara Cecilia Pirrò
Oh dear Earth,
I’m really sorry for you
I known that you need help
but I can’t give it to you.
Forest are disappearing,
Ice is melting
but humans are bad,
and since I’m young
the only thing that I can do
is learn how to fix you

Elena Strazza
Fossil fuels like methane, petroleum, and coal
Nowadays play a really important role.
We burn any forest
Feeling like the strongest,
We let their ash fly away
Like we could press the button “replay”
“Global warming? It’s just some melting ice!”
Before you take that back I’ll give you an advice:
What if we use renewable energies?
Let’s stop being nature enemies!
Windmills, canals, and panels,
We can stop ambientalist battles!
We could live better by acting
And finally see our happy ending

Aasish Lengyel Brancaleoni
When the sun rises
When the moon falls
A man becomes poor
The water floods
And the droughts rise
So it is in this way
That the climate change
transforms our lives

Federico Costantini
Mum last night I dreamt
Something strange and bizarre,
A village was burning down
The village where we are.
I was scared
And I heard some shots
We were escaping in Italy
At the heel of the boot
But by rock we were smashed
And our raft crashed
And I’m very scared.
My son, your dram became reality

Giorgio Mazzei
The law is tough but must be respected
The freedom of each ends when the freedom of the other begins
When a limit is exceeded
It’s right that severe penalties apply
This citizen must have the certainly of the sentence
In a such way that this is a deterrent
Often the system is flawed
Penalties aren’t expiated
For this reason the criminal takes advantage of this

Francesca Spinelli
Is it right that he doesn’t have a pen?
Is it right that he has only one notebook?
Is it right that he must walk for so long?
Go to school is a right
and you know that I’m right
In many countries children don’t go to school
And this sound so cruel
But that is the truth
If you want school for all
You can do also small
But you can always make the difference ☺

Silvia Di Felice
There are those who buy and there are those who sell,
There are those who feel bad and there are those who feel well,
There are those who go to school and there are those who go to work,
There are those who stay indoors and there are those who go to the park,
But there are also those who love themselves and those who hate the other,
they have no money to buy anything and always suffer more and more!!
Let’s help them to be equal!

Clara Mammola
Today is a new day
I need to know: what is my way?
The street life is exciting…
My life begins with my friends,
but at the same time with them it ends.
We make robbery
and it’s not for poverty
We have a fight
just to spend the night
We sell drugs
and our heartis full of plugs
We use violence
to break the silence.
You only spoke to me about law
You didn’t love me, I saw…
The law has no heart
I need a new start
The law is like a stone
and I am more and more alone.

Arianna Stievano
From the global south
to the northen hemisphere
many people are in despair
with fear.
Dismay, gloominess and dejection
give people bad rections.
These people are forced to migrate in rich countries
to achieve some advantages.
Globalization and migration
are two paired concepts
that will prompt new contents.
Contents of happiness and friendship
that will provoke new headship.

Francesca Spinelli

Some children watch cartoons
Others have to bring water from the lagoon
Some people eat chicken and fries
Others don’t eat because the land is dry
Some people may travel by car
But others have to go so far
For some human necessities
That some are even wasting
Progress is cool
But some can’t even go to school
A lot of rich people
And still nothing’s equal
You don’t know me
But you can show me
Show me where’s the equality
Too rude? Sorry my apology
Just a little help
Can make a big step
But here’s our point:
Society is disappoint
“I do that,
I don’t care about the impact”
You say something
But do nothing
So here’s our world:
No peace, just war!